About Evan Sponseller

Evan’s sincere love and appreciation of all things music, in any style, has long driven his desire to compose works that sway the emotions, stretch the mind, and satisfy the ears. He got his musical start playing church music and electric guitar in punk rock, alternative, and progressive metal bands. During his formal education at Ventura College and Cal Lutheran University, Evan fell in love with classical music, especially more recent composers like John Adams, Esa Pekka Salonen, Nico Muhly, Eric Whitacre, Arvo Part, Igor Stravinsky, and Olivier Messiaen. Along the way, he’s been influenced by such disparate artists as Chris Stapleton, Bjork, Alabama Shakes, Eminem, and Sigur Ros. With such diverse musical stimuli, Evan gracefully incorporates instruments and idioms from a large swath of the musical landscape.

His works often evoke these various influences while staying true to his unique compositional voice. Whether composing for orchestra, programming electronics, recording intimate acoustic guitar, arranging for choir, or doing all simultaneously, Evan’s passion and skill for the artistic and scientific aspects of music alike are clear.

Music for Visual

Choral Music